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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of the country do you service?

Our main service coverage areas are:
  • Hampshire
  • Surrey
  • Greater London
  • London
  • Sussex
  • Berkshire
  • Wiltshire
  • Dorset
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Middlesex

Why is it I can buy fire extinguishers off the internet or trade catalogues that seem to be at very low prices compared to professional fire extinguisher companies?

These fire extinguishers are delivered to you in a box, and some of them need part assembly. It is a requirement of BS 5306-3:2009 which is the British Standard for the commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, that all portable fire extinguishers be commissioned immediately prior to being installed. This is also required by insurance companies. An extinguisher that is delivered to you cannot be commissioned prior to delivery. Even if the supplier has put a servicing label on it, it has still not been commissioned. Some internet sites offer an after-delivery fire extinguisher commissioning service. However, you pay a charge for a different company to attend, an additional charge to have each extinguisher commissioned, and an additional charge to have each extinguisher wall mounted. This results in no money being saved, and there is the added hassle of having to deal with two different companies. All new fire extinguishers we supply are brought to your site by our own engineers. The extinguishers are commissioned and wall mounted free of charge. We also supply fire extinguisher identification signs free of charge, which describes what type of fire these particular fire extinguishers can be used on. (A word of warning: there are some professional fire-extinguisher companies that charge over-inflated prices for their fire extinguishers).

Why is it that the servicing charges increase when a fire extinguisher becomes five and ten years old?

British Standard BS 5306-3:2009 requires that every five years water, foam, and powder fire extinguishers are discharged, fully inspected, serviced and refilled. This service is called an extended service. This procedure therefore adds to the normal basic servicing charge. BS 5306-3:2009 also requires that every ten years CO2 fire extinguishers are to be discharged, hydraulically pressure tested, and various parts replaced. In most cases it is more cost effective to replace with a new unit.

Is it cheaper to rent fire extinguishers rather than purchase them outright?

At Richard Thorpe Fire Safety Services, we supply fire extinguishers on an outright purchase basis. In most cases you, the customer, will be better off doing it this way, and will be better off financially after just 1 years. Also, if you rent fire extinguishers you will usually be tied into a five- to ten-year contract. We do offer contracts for insurance purposes. However, these can be cancelled at any time with absolutely no penalties. We also supply fire extinguishers on a short-term hire basis for trade shows and other events, which is very cost effective.

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